Dallydack Daemon (Day 22)

A dark summer evening
It thought to have some fun
The dallydack daemon
Limping on the run

The dallydack daemon
Chasing after kids
The daemon trips and falls
While all the kids hid

It will eat the brains
Of all those who implore it
The dallydack daemon eats
All who don’t adore it

Dallydack daemon dallying along
Dallydack daemon singing metal songs
Dallydack daemon sulking in the throng
Dallydack daemon knows only wrongs

Daemon daemon over
Daemon daemon under
Daemon daemon rover
Daemon daemon ‘sunder

The dallydack daemon chasing everyone
Chasing you inside your head when you think it is done
The dallydack daemon mocking you in stride
Chasing you outside your head in the outside

September 5, 2017

To Human is to Err (Day 17)

They say to err is human,
But what if to human is to err?
What if the human has no room in
Which to call his own?
What if the human is the err, doom and
Gloom resumes.
What if the human is unhuman,
And is instead an error?
What if the human lives and has an
Unnecessary slight?
What if the human is booming
For blissful, bloody blight?
What if the err is human,
But that human is an err?

August 31, 2017

What Peeves Me, Buoyed by the Image of a Pork Chop (Day 10)

Pet peeves are different from hates.
For instance, I hate broccoli.
I am peeved by restaurants
Qualifying their entrées as delicious.
As in:
Show, don’t tell, restaurant.
Show, don’t tell.

A peeve—pet or otherwise—irks you.
It digs under your skin.
Frustration for no reason.
Nails on a chalkboard is the classic cliché,
But also the sloppy chewing eating sounds
Your Great Aunt Bertha manufactures as she eats
The pork chop served with a delicious compote.
The person in the cubicle next to you
Sneezing all through the spring
Blowing snot into his keyboard-tapping hands.
The sneaking suspicion that it is Frank–of all people!–
Pissing all over the toilet seat
Every day at your local library visit.

A hate makes your soul itch.
The feeling of wanting complete destruction (
) Of someone or something most despised.
The knowing that
Given the chance
You would like to eliminate that person
Free from consequences
That you simply wish to scream and spit
At a person of authority,
Your older brother,
Your calculus teacher,
Your goddam dog,
A box of cereal
That gave you a paper cut,
The world.

I see but one connection between peeves and hates.
And it is personal.
The person who
Named peeves peeves
Needs to be shot on the spot.

August 24, 2017

Let Me (Day 7)

Let me lead a boring life
Free from fire, flames, or strife;
Let me never see the sea
Lest fear of drowning striketh me;
Let me ground my goals on earth
No ambitions to ensnare my mirth;
Let me not stare into the eclipse
The black sun hunting for an eye to rip;
Let me not look up at all
For worry of taking disgraceful fall;
Let me not make friends of strangers
For what piece of me that endangers;
Let me never travel far nor wide
Searching instead for things inside;
Let me not dig too deeply in there either
Preferring instead for a lighter breather;
Let me never learn a thing
For fear of knowledge sprouting me a wing;
Let me never do more than sit
Or something that equally will fit.

August 21, 2017